EcoTyres Recycling LTD Rubber Mulch Production

Rubber Mulch

At Eco Tyres we produce Rubber Mulch which can be laid loose or binded and is used in the following applications:


Garden mulch is used to improve moisture retention in soil so that plants can benefit from it. It's also designed to reduce or prevent weed growth altogether. Mulch is also an effective soil insulator.

Playground/Athletic Arenas

Safety is a top concern in playground surfacing, and mulch can efficiently address this. Different kinds of mulches offer different levels of fall-from-a-height shock absorption and protection. As for athletic tracks, rubber mulch also offers the kind of resiliency that can improve a runner's performance while protecting feet and legs from hard impact.


In landscaping, mulches are used to add visual impact and decorative appeal to homes, businesses, and public places. The many textures, shapes, and colors of mulch make this possible. Rubber Mulch
Rubber Mulch Rubber Mulch

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